Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yummy Veggies...

This month I joined our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and we've received locally grown organic veggies, delivered to our door once a week. By splitting a full share with my mother-in-law we save $5 a week. Last week we got beets, cabbage, mushrooms, red potatoes, strawberries, and a large bagged salad. I cooked the beet greens the day we got them; boy, were they good! Today I made cole slaw with the cabbage and pickled the beets. I LOVE pickled beets, probably because Nanny used to serve them all the time. While I was cooking the beets, this week's delivery arrived: collards, green onions, winter squash, oranges, broccoli, romain lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and a small salad.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Not only did Jesus die to save me from sin, but God answers our prayers on a daily basis.

We are getting very close to building a new home... Thank you, God!

We are all healthy for now, no more flu... Thanks you, God!

Despite a recent chill in the air, Spring in definitely sproinging around here... Thank you, God!

We are pregnant with baby #5, due in early December... THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!

All I have need of His hand will provide, He's always been faithful to me...
(Sara Groves, "He's Always Been Faithful")