Friday, October 27, 2006

It seems that by the time I get around to blogging about what's happening, I've forgotten what I was supposed to say.

We still haven't gotten the main a/c fixed but managed to survive the last of the summer with three window units. In fact, our electricity bill was lowered by half and so it was indeed a blessing in disguise. And now autumn is here, bringing with it cooler weather, a much needed reprieve from the typical southern heat. Time to pull out the long sleeved shirts and sweaters and start making hotchocolate.

Caleb is so close to walking that he can almost reach out and grab it. He pulls up to stand and the lets go, balancing for a moment or two before gracefully plopping onto his bottom. He has most recently cut his two top teeth, so that makes four in total. He is still exclusively nursing, with just the tiniest of tiny tastes of things here and there, which he always spits out. Most recently he battled a case of strep, topped with a virus (which I also had--NOT FUN!) and then two weeks later was back in the ER with pnuemonia. And yet through it all he's been the most adorable sweet and cheerful little guy, a true blessing from above.

Libby is still attending kindergarten; every morning she gets up excited to go, even on Saturday and Sunday! There has been some concern voiced by her teachers and the speech therapist that she may have a mild form of autism and so we are waiting for word from the specialists in Charleston as to when her appointment will be.

Ben is still homeschooling without too much protest. His handwriting and reading skills have improved greatly this year. And whenever I need to correct him about something, as long as I explain to him that it's God that he's trying to obey, he doesn't resist. He is trying so hard to be a good Christian and for that I am so thankful.

Abigail has finally decided to use the potty again after a long regression (probably caused by the new sibling). Thank the Good Lord for Dora pottyseats! We continue to work with her in learning to control her emotions. She can so sweet but she has a temper like you wouldn't believe!

All in all, I continue to look at my life in amazement. God has blessed me inumerably and I can't seem to thank Him enough.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Count your blessings...

So many things seem to go wrong, but so many things have gone right that the wrong ones don't really seem so bad. Our airconditioner decided to break. As of yet, I'm not sure when we'll be able to repair/replace it. So here I sit in the hum of the fans and the one window unit... but my girls are playing together, searching under the couches with a flashlight. It's like a treasure hunt to them. They've found some toys and sunglasses and they're having a blast. Caleb is crawling around his playpen in nothing but a diaper, happy as always. Benjamin is playing at Grandma's. Jeremy is out with Josh, doing what he can to make us cool and comfortable again. And I am sitting here, counting my blessings, rather than cursing the heat. AC is a luxury after all, and hey, maybe the eletric bill will be significantly lower if we go a while without running the air.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Libby started kindergarten this morning. She had a slow start.

It took so long to wake her up that even Ben and Abby tried to help.

Eventually she really was awake, but she liked pretending that she wasn't. Ben decided to help her open her eyes for the photo.

I took this one right before we left the house. Doesn't she look excited?

Here she is standing just outside of the school (a local church runs the 3k, 4k, and 5k program).

She immediately found her assigned desk, having remembered which one it was from the orientation last Thursday.

Mrs. S. had put a book on each child's desk for them to look at while they waited.

Have a good day, sweet girl!

When I picked her up today the teacher's aide said that she'd had a good day, but she'd fallen asleep. *blush* I made sure that she got to bed on time last night but she was wide awake at 4am asking for a glass of milk. Hopefully she'll be tired enough to sleep through the night tonight and we'll have no more napping in school. Also I asked her what she had for lunch (which I packed) and she told me that she had "broccolis, but I saved my carrots". She finished her teddy grahams and carrots while she watched tv.

Friday, August 18, 2006

You've Changed 88% in 10 Years

You're practically a new person these days, and no one from your past may even be around to notice.
You've moved on, changed your life, and totally transformed your personality - probably all for the better!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Caleb just turned five months last week and he's already trying to crawl on his hands and knees!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Caleb will be four months old tomorrow. My how the time flies! It's hard to believe that he's been with us that long. He's already such a little person; he loves to laugh, and he's trying very hard to crawl, manuvering all over his crib. He is such a joy!

Thank you, Lord, for my sweet baby boy and for allowing me to be his mommy!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wow! I sure have been ignoring this thing!

Caleb is three months old and growing like a weed. Abby had another trip to the ER yesterday for a smushed finger (she's fine; it doesn't even hurt anymore). Ben is pretty much done with first grade and I've been looking at different curriculums for second grade. We're probably going to enroll Libby at the local private Christian kindergarten so that she can continue speech thereapy. I need to get out the camera and take some photos to post here.

Kateri and Josh are expecting a baby in November. I'm so happy for them! Gabriel loves going along to the prenatal visits and hearing his little brother/sister's heartbeat. Hopefully they'll find out what they're having at the next ultrasound.

Life is crazy and busy and I'm loving every minute of it!

Thank you, Lord, for my family and friends and the wonderful life that you're given me that keeps me so busy.