Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wow! I sure have been ignoring this thing!

Caleb is three months old and growing like a weed. Abby had another trip to the ER yesterday for a smushed finger (she's fine; it doesn't even hurt anymore). Ben is pretty much done with first grade and I've been looking at different curriculums for second grade. We're probably going to enroll Libby at the local private Christian kindergarten so that she can continue speech thereapy. I need to get out the camera and take some photos to post here.

Kateri and Josh are expecting a baby in November. I'm so happy for them! Gabriel loves going along to the prenatal visits and hearing his little brother/sister's heartbeat. Hopefully they'll find out what they're having at the next ultrasound.

Life is crazy and busy and I'm loving every minute of it!

Thank you, Lord, for my family and friends and the wonderful life that you're given me that keeps me so busy.

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