Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Speaking of School...

Here is what day one of K4 looked like around here.

And Abigail talks constantly about her new friends Mary (pictured above) and Nikki. It is just so cute to see their little faces light up when they see each other.

And this...

One of the craft blogs that I check everyday is houseonhillroad. That's where I picked up the embroidery bug. And since Abigail is one of the most horse-crazy four-year-olds you will ever meet, this is for her.

I used Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron as a reference for the sketch that I drew. Then I got some transfer (tracing) paper from my dear mother-in-law and put the image on the shirt. I went over it with my water-soluable pen just to make sure it stayed there until I was done sewing. Then it was just a matter of backstitching the image and I used a french-knot for the eye. After I trimmed all the loose strings in back I ironed some stabilizer over the back, so that Little Miss won't be tickled by all those threads.

This is what I have been up to...

I've rediscovered my love of sewing. And I'm sure that it has something to do with all the crafty bogs I've been reading. (Don't worry, I'll be updating my list over there with links to all these crafty-type blogs).

Here we have a small group of girls that just can't wait 'til Christmas. Know why? Because that's when they get to go live with some little girls that look just like them! Isn't that exciting? And by the time Christmas gets here, this group will have grown and will most likely include a few boys as well.

Here's where I purchased the pattern for these cuties : http://www.weewonderfuls.com/

Life is Changing....

I've not been online as much as I used to be. I used to have an unyielding compulsion to check my "friends list" at Livejournal several times a day and I found myself drwn down into un-Christian behaviors and environments. At the time it seemed harmless but I can see where these unwholesome activities were very detrimental to my mental health and my marriage.

Nowadays I find myself instead drawn to "blogs" written by other mothers, Christians, crafters. I have been inspired to do more with my hands and more with the time I am given each day, now that the girls are both in preschool and Ben is going to Grandma's daily for his homeschooling. My house is cleaner, my family is happier, and I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I look around me.

I have been reading a wonderful book Finding the Hero in Your Husband by Dr. Julianna Slattery. Man, I really suggest this book to all women, not just the married ones, or the ones that think that their marriage is in trouble. When I've read passages aloud to Jeremy he is amazed at how much this woman understands men. Our congregation has ordered 10 copies for Ladies Bible Class material. It is really that good. I can feel the Lord working in my life. I think that my prayers for Him to transform me into the person that He wants me to be are being answered and I am so so grateful. Soon, I'll post an update with photos from the girls first day of school and also of some of the things I've been making.