Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Okay so yesterday I'm taking a nap, the girls are "playing" and so Jeremy steps outside for a moment. In my sleep I can hear that the girls are beginning to quarrel so I get up and go to check on them. On my way out of the bedroom I hear a bloodcurdling scream causing me to hurry toward the room that they share. I encountered Abby, the two-year-old in the living room crying with BLOOD STREAMING DOWN HER FACE! There was a huge gash above her right eye. As I was cleaning it with a wet paper towel all I could get her to tell me was "Libby did it". So as I try to stop the bleeding I ask Libby what happened (Libby is almost five and has a speech delay and could possibly have mild autism or something similar, we are working on getting her evaluated) to which she replies very guiltily "I have to potty." This is her way of distracting us from the fact that she's in trouble. So I locate Jeremy by phone (he had walked two blocks to his mom's house) and tell them I need someone to watch Libby while I take Abby to the ER. Thankfully my mother-in-law brought him home and offers to drive so I can sit next to Abby.
Fastforward to the ER. Abby didn't want them to put a bandaid on it, she didn't even want them to put the ID bracelet on me. Everything sets her off and when they feel that she is numb enough, they wrapped her in a sheet and held her dow to put five stitches across her eyebrow. Such screaming, you can't imagine. And the pitiful begging "I want to go home! I want Daddy! I'm Done! Please!" So once she was freed from the bindings I held her for a while to calm her and then within ten minutes she was released. She kept the 'blanket' (soft flannel hospital gown that she didn't want to put on at first) and has been pointing out her 'booboo' to everyone. Ah the joys of motherhood . . .


Adam Cooper said...

So, did you ever find out how it happened?

Crazy stuff, being a parent, no?

But I reckon she'll be alright donw the road a bit.

Hope it all turns out well.

Rachel said...

I need to take her back to the hospital tomorrow for them to check the stitches and possibly remove them.

All she will tell us is "I got a booboo. Libby did that." I'm sure it will remain one of life's mysteries. ^_~

louisingals50796681 said...
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