Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm a bad blogger

It's been forever since I've updated and there are a few things that I must share.

Libby was diagnosed with autism in late February. This was not that surprising and yet at the same time still kind of shocking to hear. Really this diagnosis doesn't change anything, but it does give us some insight on why Libby behaves the way she does and so we are able to address issues that arise in a more understanding way. One morning I heard the girls playing in the laundry room and upon inspection, this was what I discovered (of course, Abby may have instigated this stunt) :

Caleb also turned 1 at the end of February. He is such a happy toddler, and since he started eating solid food he's turned into such a bottomless pit! (Case in point: he just stole a banana from me and he's eaten almost the whole thing by himself!) He still gets milkies from mommy and probably will for a while longer. I know you're not supposed to have a favorite child ... so I'll just not finish that sentance ^_~
Abby is also doing well. She is such a fantastic big sister. She even mommys Libby sometimes! And she's such a good little helper. Here she is doing dishes for mommy:

Ben is breezing through second grade at an amazing rate. He is very confident in math, but even though his reading skills have improved dramatically he still lacks confidence in his ability. And I don't have any recent photos of him because he's always over at his grandma's or his granny's or his cousins' house!

Speaking of cousins, Gabriel's little brother Gideon is just as cute as he can be, as you can plainly see:
Hopefully I'll have more opportunities to update this blog, but I'm not making any promises ^_~

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