Monday, July 30, 2007

Been So Busy

My life hardly ever slows down long enough for me to blog, but in the interest of not getting too far behind I'll update on a few things.

Recently I climbed onto my arabian named Kizzam,

grabbed a lead line connected to my mom's horse, Maggie,

and rode about five miles to move them from Jeremy's aunt's house to our house. That was SO fun, but tiring! My two dalmatians, Freckles and Milo, who are both ten years old, stayed with us the entire trip. And so now the horses are here at home, which means we don't have to drive five miles back and forth twice a day to feed them.

Once we got the horses moved I went to the stockyard and bought two small goats

at auction to help clean up the pens that we will be keeping the horses in. Now the kids accompany me twice a day when we go out to feed.

Caleb LOVES this and you should hear him calling those goats. "Goakgoakgoak!" Too funny!

This past weekend we attending a VBS at Beech Island Church of Christ and I got to see some faces from my childhood. The real shocker was how much the kids that I used to babysit have grown. They're now 18 and 14!!! Makes me feel soooooo old.

Also, Caleb thought it would be a good idea to dump an entire glass of sweet tea on my laptop, so I'm now accessing the 'net on Jeremy's desktop until we figure out if Ol' Blue will recover from its sticky bath. Jeremy assured me that if it doesn't make it, he will get me another, but boy do I sure hate to spend the money on something I already had!

Pretty soon I've got to get off my behind at continue cleaning this house....

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muzik said...

Good to see another blogger in Williston!