Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Little boys keep you on your toes...

I had several photos of Caleb that I've been meaning to post and now I have more and a story to go along with them.

Remember when I said I took that grey sweater apart? Well, as we wound each section into a "hank" (I think that's what it's called) I tied them off. Then I noticed what a cute turban it would make. Thus the photo of Jeremy and his little genie:

Last week I had to take Ben to the hospital for a minor outpatient-type surgery (although a urethral meatomy doesn't seem minor when you realize what they're cutting on, does it?) and so Daddy stayed home with the others. Daddys aren't used to nap schedules and so when Abby told him that "Caleb looks tired" he took a photo so I could see just how tired he was before Daddy put him to bed:

And finally, last night at about 8pm we heard a loud thud and Libby came in to tell us that Caleb was hurt. From what we've gathered she had "helped" him climb onto the top bunk bed and was helping him down again when something went wrong. "I've made a terrible mistake" she said, as the blood poured from his nose. Several red marks appeared across the tip of his nose and it started swelling as he partook of milkies to keep calm while we continued to monitor him. He kept telling me "Nose. Ow. Hurt. Milkies, please mom." Heartbreaking, really.

Well, I'm not all that familiar with nose injuries so off to the ER we went with Grandma, while Daddy watched the concerned older siblings. Granny met us there and boy was Caleb glad to see her! He clung to her for the duration of his hospital stay, which included a rectal temp check (yikes!) and a CT scan. For the scan he was wrapped in a sheet which was then taped up. Then they secured his head in place with tape but the little squirmy-worm required mommy to lay on top of him and secure his chin as well. As you can imagine, that went over about as well as a lead zeppelin. The scan showed that there were no fractures and no bleeding in the brain, so we were sent on our merry way. He spent the entire night in bed with Mommy, Daddy, and Milkies and seems to be feeling fine, but boy! does it hurt me everytime I look at that purple face:

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