Sunday, May 18, 2008

Drive by update....

Last month we went from three goats to five goats when two kids were born. This past weekend another kid arrived and I bought a milk goat. So that makes seven, two bucks and five does.

Elizabeth and Abigail have two days left of school. Their program that they've been practicing for all month is Tuesday evening. I can hardly wait to see it and it will be so nice not fighting with them every morning to get up/dressed/in the car. I think that they might have been on time about thirty mornings out of 180. It's just IMPOSSIBLE to get two very dramatic girls and two very sleepy boys to all cooperate every morning. Somebody ALWAYS makes us late... and the culprit changes from day to day.

I have an ultrasound appointment on Thursday. I think it's the "let's see if you are as far along as you think you are" ultrasound. I know of several family members that are hoping that we'll be seeing double. Even the kids have jumped on the "hoping for twins" bandwagon.

Took the girls to see Prince Caspian today after church. They seemed to enjoy it although Elizabeth was quite figity according to her daddy. Toward the end of the movie Abigail leaned over to me and whispered "this movie is breaking of my heart!" And of course we left the theater counting down the days to the next in the series. May 2010 ... what a wait!

The foundation is being finished tomorrow and then they start on the subflooring. Jeremy is estimating the house could be finished as early as the middle of June and as late as September.

Patience has never been mine ... Lord grant me patience to wait for these things that are so worth waiting for!

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