Saturday, September 01, 2007

S.M.A.R.T. Habit Saturday

SMART Habit Saturday is something that I ran across in another of my frequently read blogs. If you click on that link you can familiarize yourself with the logistics, but basically each Saturday you decide on a good habit that you want to form and try to do it each day of the following week. They say that if you do somethng everyday for 21 days it becomes a habit.

I know we all have room for improvement. For instance, I've been keeping house pretty good lately. I've even figured out the secret to getting the kids involved in house keeping. But I'm afraid that my culinary escapades have suffered as a result of my obsessive desire to keep the house organized and tidy. So tomorrow I'm going to take my gorcery list and get supplies for next week so that I can cook dinner EACH and EVERY night. Hopefully the house won't go back to looking like a pig sty as a result.

So I guess I'll be back next week to report on my results.


Mom2fur said...

One thing you might find helpful is a trick from Rachel Ray: prep your vegetables when you get them! You can cut up everything you'll need for the week in one session. (Just don't do berries. Apparently, berries get all icky if you wash them too far ahead of time.)
This way, when you're ready to put your meal together, you don't have to take the time to cut up celery, broccoli, etc.
I love to cook, and my house isn't a pigsty. It's 'lived in,' but not disastrous. At least...not all the time. One of my favorite things for this is "My Ta-Da Lists." It is a free sight where you make up your own 'to-do' lists. I have one for every room of the house (except the kid's rooms. They range from 17-24 so no way am I cleaning up after them.)
Have fun with your menu this week and don't forget...the Queen's busy this week. She isn't likely to show up with her white gloves, so don't go crazy about your housework.

Rebecca said...

Welcome to the SMARTy pants club. Cooking each night is a great idea. I try to do that also but need to do better in preparing a menu. There's a site - that I've heard great things about. I've also heard that to save time cooking an extra meal or two (some people do more) on the weekend and keeping them in the freezer until the day you need them helps with time management during the week. Have a great week! Oh and you may want to give yourself a break one night by planning for leftovers. We usually have them and one night it's a hodge podge free for all sort of thing.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! What a wonderfully supportive team I've joined.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Thanks for joining us! I still struggle to get dinner made every night but one thing I've discovered is that the crockpot is my friend. I have adapted ever recipe I can for the crockpot. There is nothing better than coming home from the gym at night with dinner all ready for us!

Rachel said...

My mother-in-law gave me two of those Fix It and Forget It books... maybe I should look through them again. ;)