Monday, February 04, 2008

It just gets better and better....

So Libby was throwing up on Tuesday night, right? Well, She laid around all day Wednesday, then on Friday she was throwing up again. Friday night Caleb started vomiting. Saturday we HAD to go to the grocery, Libby seemed to be a bit better, and I wore Caleb in my homemade meitai, he slept. Gabriel came over to spend the night and watch Shrek the Third.

Of course, about fifteen minutes after I fell asleep the boyus came rushing into my room exclaiming that Abigail was coughing and throwing up. So I got her cleaned up and made a pallet for her beside the bed. I spent the rest of the night flipping the bedside lamp on and holding the bucket for her everytime she woke up. Sometime around 4am Gabriel came in to tell me that Benjamin was throwing up.

So the kids have spent last 48 hours soaking in warm baths, and imbibing gingerale. And Jeremy and I have been rinsing buckets and refilling glasses. And of course I've done seventy gazillion loads of laundry as well. But I think my favorite part has been all the requests for momma to "rock" them and sing "rockababytreetop" (that's Caleb-speak).

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