Friday, February 22, 2008


You'll never guess what the entire family has....anybody guess?

It all started with an unnecessary trip to the doctors' office last week. My darling-lovable-yet-often-meddlesome-mother-in-law insisted that the baby needed to be seen due to the fact that he was hoarse. So he and I sat in a waiting room, surrounded by every germ-carrying person in town, for FIVE hours... oh the joys of being "worked in". By the way, the baby was indeed getting over his cold... he did however have a double ear infection with nary a symptom, the doctor said he probably would've gotten over it on his own, but she would prescribe antibiotics, since we'd come so far and waited so long... blahblahblah.

Fast forward to this week.... Normally I don't get sick and when I do I tough it out. Doctors are for children and old people... Unfortunately I was pretty sure that I was dying, what with all the achespainsfevercoughingsneezingchestpainacheyyuckyickypoo... So Jeremy took me back up to the doctor where I was diagnosed with bronchitis and sinusitis. Gee, I wonder where I picked that up?

Two days later, everyone in the house woke up with RAGING FEVERS. Back to the doctors' we went, first one set, then another. That was fun. All the physicians concluded that five out of six patients have the flu. I think I was misdiagnosed but refrained from bringing that up, since it was one doctor's wife that diagnosed me. Thank goodness I took the antibiotics prescribed (pointless for the flu); now I've got the inevitable yeast infection, too... oh...good.

As I was writing this post Ben called for the puke bucket... Libby complained that I should put him in the tub, 'cause he was making too much noise throwing up. Abby told me that she had her eyes closed so she couldn't see it. At least Caleb was already in bed... it's gonna be a long night.

Yep... Libby already joined Ben in the vomit brigade... had to wash it out of her hair, poor thing.

Lord, please let my family get well soon!

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Emily said...

So sorry you're on vomit duty. That's NOT fun. :)

But thanks for the comment on my blog. I felt a kinship with you immediately. WAY to much in common, huh? haha