Monday, July 14, 2008

Well it finally happened...

Waiting for my OB appointment, I was chatting with an older lady. She seemed really pleasant. Then when I mentioned that this way my fifth child she actually said "You need to get your tubes tied!" And went on to tell me how she had gotten hers done after her second child, blah blah blah. Then she asked me if I was "a Catholic" stating the people with too many kids are usually Catholic but that's their business. I told her I was "a Passionate Protestant" and eventually changed the subject.

I don't think I've ever had a complete stanger speak that bluntly to me before. I'm still a little stunned by the whole thing.

Meanwhile the baby's fine and healthy and we found out that this little bundle is going to tip the scales in favor of the pink team in this family. So now it's just a matter of patiently waiting another 20 weeks or so until she arrives.

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Emily said...

Some people can be so....uh, forward?! haha. I'm sure she didn't mean any harm, but she does need to learn some tact, right?

and congrats on it being a girly.