Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Induction date has been changed to December 1st. This is actually a better date for several reasons so I don't mind waiting another week to meet her.

The kitchen in the new house is painted and the cabinets are supposed to go up in the next few days. The livingroom is also supposed to be painted this week. Drywall is all up and most of the "mudding" has been finished. Still lots to be done before it's "done":
  • Prime hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc
  • Paint hallways bathrooms, bedroom, etc
  • Paint trim and install
  • Order and install wood floors
  • Pick out tile for bathrooms and install
  • Paint and install floor trim
  • Bathroom fixtures and cabinetry
  • Pick out ceiling fans and install
  • Install gas fireplace
  • Siding and all that entails

I'm probably forgetting something crucial. Then of course there's all the paperwork and signings and official whatnot that has to be done. Then there's the packing of this house. And the unpacking once the stuff is taken 10 miles down the road to that house.

Call me a pessimist but I don't think that all this can be accomplished in 34 days. If we are moved into that house before Christmas I will be pleasantly surprised. I'm guessing it will be after the new year starts before we get in there.

Sometime in the next two weeks I will be moving one of the desks out of our bedroom and into the already overly crowded storage area in the kitchen so that there is room to set up the portacrib in our room. And then there's my bag to pack and the carseat to put in place "just in case" I go into labor before the induction date.

A woman's work is never done...

I just read over that list up there and realized that I didn't put interior doors... see, I knew I'd forget something! I'm sure that's not the only thing...

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Beth said...

Crazy busy! Glad to see all is well. A new house, exciting!