Saturday, August 13, 2005

I had a meeting with Libby's speech therapist yesterday. Libby started speech therapy last year through the public school system (it's free if you go through the school system). At this meeting Mrs. Davis emphasized that she thought it would benefit Libby greatly to go to 4K at the elementary school. I suggested the local private Christian school and she pointed out that their environment is much too structured to help Libby. And so after I left the meeting with Mrs. Davis I drove over to the elementary school where I proceeded to register her for 4K. Normally there is a waiting list but Libby takes precidence over other children waiting because she is in speech therapy. I met Amie Sanders who will be teaching Libby if a space opens up in the class. Ms. Sanders is fairly confindent that she will be able to call me on Monday afternoon and let me know if they have a spot for Libby (she doesn't expect one of the little girls to show up; she heard that she moved). So once I got home I called Libby's prediatrician to make sure that she was fully caught up in her vaccinations and they said I could pick up a copy of her shot records on Monday. Then my mom showed up with Libby (she'd spent the night with Granny) and we headed to the walmart where we bought her a backpack, lunchbox, folder, and crayons. We also picked up some cute shirts and little skirts that have shorts underneath from the clearance rack.

And so even though Benjamin will be homeschooled, Libby will be going to 4K at the public elementary school. I am more nervous about this than I can begin to describe.

Lord, please watch over my little girl.

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