Friday, January 04, 2008

Behind again...

I suppose getting behind during one of the most busy months of the year is excusible, right?

The girls got American Girl dolls for Christmas. I've been searching for patterns and ideas to clothe these since the outfits cost an INSANE amount of money. Of course the matching outfits for the girls are twice as much, nearly as much as the doll itself. But we did splurge and purchase a few of the outfits to go with "Nicki" since she was a limited edition and a cowgirl to boot! Grandma is going to pass along the doll dresser that her dad made for er when she was 7, and Granny bought antique doll bunk beds. Every night they get their "girls" ready for bed. I think maybe it helps them settle down for the night as well.

The AG catalog arrived in the mail yesterday and the girls have been puring over it together, making mental wishlists for their birthdays... what have I gotten myself into?!!

On the same "I'm insane" lines, I bought Ben a remote control spider for Christmas. He loves it for all the reasons you'd imagine: scaring mommy, scaring his sisters, scaring his little brother, scaring the dogs, scaring the new kitten... do you see a trend developing? Luckily I found it while he was schooling with Grandma and tucked it safely away.

I'll have to come back soon and post photos of all the Christmasy goodness.

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bluecorduroy said...

thanks for coming to visit me! looks like you have your hands full at home, my big girl loves the american girls too! i also made them some baby doll clothes for christmas, the last thing they needed was more baby dolls. it was a real fun project, i just love sewing with frilly and colorful things.

as for the weaving project, it's actually quite simple and open to much interpretation. i just cut a basic rectangle or square shape from a peice of material (according to what the finished project would be) then cut 2" strips of material the same length of the original square (enough to cover it) and the same width (enough to cover it). Then i let ruby weave away. when she was done and even along the way she would pin the edges to hold them down and eventually sew the edges together. Once the basic cloth is done you can turn it into virtually anything. let me know how it turns out! -emily