Thursday, January 17, 2008


So as each of my children grows older, marching through the many stages of childhood, I sit back and contemplate each of them.

Ben is nearing the age of "double digits". He reads, he writes(though he detests it) and he is really very selfsufficient in a lot of ways. But he still likes it when Mom makes his microwave pizza, when Mom brings him his clean clothes to put on for school, sitting in Mom's lap and cuddling close. He also loves his younger siblings. Loves to make them laugh and smile, loves to drive them crazy and delight in their screams. He's is your typical boy, but he is very strong in his Faith. And for that I am so very grateful.

Libby is such a character. She is learning so much, picks up so many things along the way to repeat at the next appropriate time and surprise us with her astute obsevation. But in a way she doesn't have any sense of propriety. "Hello, fat lady!" she will say cheerily. How do you explain to someone why a seven-year-old would say that? "Papaw is too old for hugs." she will say. And then I explain, that you're never too old for hugs. You'd think that she'd remember that, as often as we snuggle on the couch together.

Abigail. One minute she's so grown up, taking care of her sister and little brother, talking about happenings at school, singing a song that she heard in a CareBear movie. The next minute something terribly tragic has happened (oh, the mind of a dramaqueen) and she's needs to be soothed and rocked like a baby while she sucks on those two special fingers for comfort. She's an extreme, she's either extremely happy or extremely upset. There are NO inbetweens for this one.

Caleb is growing so fast I feel that he's shot from baby straight to preschooler, skipping toddler in the process. He's talking a blue streak, beginning to show interest in the potty, and so very helpful when Mommy is doing dishes or laundry. And in spite of his nearness to the big 2 he is still having his milkies about twice a day. I cherish those moments when I can pretend he's still a little baby snuggled up in my arms...until he looks up at me and starts talking about the cat or the horse or his siblings or his piggies.

Which brings me to the situation I'm in right now. I am getting "the fever" again... BAD this time. So far, everyone tries to talk me out of it, or at least postpone trying. I've been mulling it over for the past few months and I really really REALLY want another one... RIGHT NOW! Luckily, it doesn't work that way and so we would have at least 9 months from today to build a bigger house and possibly get a more reliable minivan. So I think that the best thing to do would be to stop using "preventive methods" and let God decide. He's always taken care of me.

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