Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going green...

So I have been trying to incorporate several different factors into my crafting. I find myself trying to be economical, first and foremost, but also environmentally minded as well. Thus the use of thrifted clothes and linens to make into other things, like cloth shopping bags.

As of this week, I will no longer be buying disposable diapers, wipes, or pullups (cue sideways glance in Abigail's direction). Monday, when I finally ran out of disposables, I cut up some of the more worn out of our bath towels, most of which are over 10 years old, and sewed some primitive (possibly even crude) diapers. But hey, they work, right? I also made lots of fleece diaper covers out of an old Finding Nemo blanket. Yesterday, I went to my mom's, queen of thrifting, and she gave me a stack of cloth diapers she'd picked up here and there. She uses them for dust rags and to soak up spills. A lidded trash can from Target (on sale for $3.50) and some tea tree oil and we were in business. I also picked up some vinyl covered training pants for our current bedwetter. I told her they were washable pullups and she hugged them tight!

And although this started as an effort in frugality, it has become slightly expensive... thanks a lot eBay! I can validate my spending though, because even with all the towel diapers I made, and the prefolds from mom, I only have about eighteen diapers. That's just over a day's worth for Mr. TinkleWinkle.

I'm hoping that using cloth will contribute to a speeding training of my little man. But even if it doesn't, I'm actually enjoying using cloth. We'll see how long the enjoyment lasts, right?

By the way, if anyone has any cloth diapering "stuff" that they don't want, you can send it my way ;)

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Shannon said...

Going green huh? Good luck! I try small bites once a month. You might like my website when I get it up and going. I have spa recipes for home there. All natural and in you kitchen right now.
Ah, Daniel my love. 4 nights a week we are married and have beautiful smart children. The other 3 nights are reserved for Vin Disel, Tim McGraw, and Sean Connery. I know the last one is old but his accent is divine!