Friday, October 26, 2007

Busy Knitting.

I've been so busy lately, it's been crazy! I've been knitting practically everyday, trying to finish up Christmas gifts and winter accesories for the kids. The other night Jeremy helped me frog (unravel) a sweater that I saved from the salvation army pile. It's a wool/acrylic blend in charcoal gray. I ended up with 5 nice sized balls of yarn, and I've already started knitting up some armwarmers for my nephew. It's such a nice neutral color, perfect for guys. Counting out how many pairs of armwarmers I'm going to have to make, I think it's five pair of boys armwarmers, and then two more hat/armwarmer sets for girls, maybe more. Just thinking of it in those terms makes me want to give up. So I think that instead I'll allow myself that I can't make them for everyone and when I get tired of it I will stop. Last year when I felt obligated to finish something, it took me nearly a year to pick my needles up again. Same thing with sewing, if I've agreed to do something I just don't wanna do it anymore. I think I work best as some sort of surprise crafter. Like, I'm only inspired if no one is expecting anything. lol.

Well, back to my needles.


Beth said...

I'm the same way about writing. I haven't written a single word of fiction since I finished NaNoWriMo 3 years ago. I still haven't recovered. It was too much, to force myself to write that much every day. I lost the "fun". Of course, getting pregnant a few months later and having my entire life change ALSO has something to do with that. :-)

Good luck with the knitting. I wish I were crafty-cool like you. I'd LOVE to make homemade Christmas presents.

zoloftmom said...

i love the idea of salvaging sweaters from the salvation army and reinventing them! i'm a wanna-be knitter and you've inspired me.

Rachel said...

Beth: I think that making stuff up out of your head to write is way more impressive than following someone else's idea to knit up a hat ;)

Zoloftmom: Sal Army is a great place to find re-purpose-able materials for craftiness. I buy vintage sheets to use as material, and even $.99 clothes to cut up and use in sewing. Just make sure that the sweater will be easy to take apart or it will be more trouble than it's worth ;)