Friday, October 26, 2007


Dyson is one of the best vacuum cleaners you will ever use. I've had a Kirby, an Electrolux, and an Oreck and it is by far superior to all of these. I can't tell you how many times I've loaned my Dyson to someone in the family or someone from church because even they could tell it was superior to their own cleaner. I would love to win a pink Dyson for my mother, she could really use a quality machine.

I love that all the basic attachments are "on board". I love that you don't have to buy bags for it, and that it's super easy to empty the canister. There are several places throughout the machine where you can check for blockages. The canister is clear so you can see how much it picks up, it's incredible (my kids LOVE watching the dust swirl around). It's really just a fantastic cleaning machine.

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Beth said...

We love our Dyson. When talking about, we have actually been known to swoon. I have never heard Mr. Song talk with such reverance or affection for an object as he does when speaking about the Dyson.

We went through about a vacuum cleaner a year (the $150 or so range cleaners) and finally did the math, realized in 2-3 years we will have paid as much for new vacuums every year as we'd pay for a Dyson, which would last, and bought the purple (pet) Dyson. We have never, ever, ever regretted that splurge of money. Best money ever spent, ever. I LOVE my Dyson. *clings*